It stinks

”- You’re the kind of people who wants to wake up with a 'good morning' text”

- No, actually I don’t give a shit about that. 
Before, I really thought I was that kind of girl, but seriously who was patience for that?
A bunch of meanless words everyone feels the obligation to say. Cut the crap, keep it real.
I don’t want that. I wanna live that fucking summer like I never did. I thought it would be with him, without all that boyfriend shit, but guess his mind is somewhere else.
Never thought I would change my perception like that, but now I feel like this is how my world is supposed to roll. Less thinking, more fun.

Perfect love stinks, man!

2 comentários:

  1. O MEC tem sempre as palavras certas.


  2. As vezes nem tudo é como nós vemos, a vida é cheia de lindas ilusões!

    Passa no meu blog, fiz-te uma nomeação :)